once i told you
i’d be just a zombie without you
Living my days in hollow blue
walking path without a clue
How life could seem that cruel?

but here I am now without you beside me

when nights seemed so long and too quiet

days fell exhausting and unfriendly

when nightmare reign replacing dreams

nothing I can sense but the cold nothingness

nse but the cold of nothingness

Often i wish it’s just long nightmare
but the fear lingers night and day,asleep and awake
I hope i can escape from the zombie of me
but still i’m drown into my own tears
i dream you’ll be here bringing my soul back
but how can i have you back when you don’t give a damn

here i am left alone in the solitude of numb
fighting to pull out myself of tears and blood
too afraid to hope some help
Trapped into my own endless longing
Freezing of my own fears


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